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Air Force Veteran Shanice Shares Misconception About Claims

AF veteran Shaince has misconceptions about her claim


Shanice, an Air Force veteran, served her country for 15 years in stateside roles without deployment. Believing VA disability was only for deployed or combat-serving soldiers, she never applied for benefits, assuming she wasn't entitled to them. Working predominantly at a desk, she developed persistent pains in her hands, shoulders, and neck, alongside deteriorating eyesight and tinnitus. Shanice, feeling undeserving of VA services, never sought assistance until her neighbor recommended United Veteran Benefits Agency (UVBA) to help with her VA disability claim.

Challenges Faced:

Due to misconceptions about eligibility criteria for VA benefits, Shanice hesitated to seek assistance. Her lack of awareness about service-connected disabilities and her belief that her non-combat role in the Air Force made her ineligible, created a perceived barrier to accessing the benefits she rightfully deserved.

Engagement with UVBA:

Upon reaching out to UVBA's case manager and benefits specialist, Shanice was surprised to learn about her eligibility for VA benefits. They provided crucial information she was unaware of, educating her about the VA claim process and her entitlement to benefits as a veteran with service-connected disabilities.

Outcome and Success:

After several months of UVBA's guidance and support, Shanice's perspective and life changed drastically. The VA awarded her an 80% disability rating, acknowledging her service-connected disabilities. This rating not only provided her with the deserved compensation but also extended benefits to her spouse and child.

Impact of UVBA's Support:

UVBA's guidance transformed Shanice's understanding of her entitlement to VA benefits. By debunking misconceptions and providing essential education, they empowered her to navigate the VA claim process successfully. The awarded disability rating and accompanying benefits significantly impacted Shanice and her family's lives, alleviating financial burdens and providing necessary support.Shanice's story epitomizes the transformative impact of UVBA's dedication to educating and supporting veterans. By providing crucial information, guidance, and unwavering support, UVBA helped Shanice realize her entitlement to VA benefits as a non-combat-serving veteran with service-connected disabilities.


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