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Jane's Journey: Facing Fears and Getting Help for PTSD

Understanding and getting help for PTSD and MST

Meet Jane


Jane is a 48-year old Army veteran who served on active duty and then Reserves for 12 years. During her service, she experienced several traumatic events that later caused symptoms of PTSD such as nightmares, flashbacks, hypervigilance, anxiety, and depression.


After leaving the military in 2009, Jane struggled with these worsening PTSD symptoms as well as anger issues, relationship problems, and alcohol abuse. She avoided seeking help initially due to stigma and pride in handling things on her own. By 2018, her symptoms were severely impacting her work and personal life. Jane knew she needed to get help for her PTSD symptoms, so she finally sought counseling at her local VA center.


Getting Help For PTSD


The counseling helped manage Jane's symptoms, but she continued having significant issues maintaining steady employment and relationships. In early 2023, another veteran told Jane about United Veteran Benefits Agency (UVBA), a consulting firm that helps veterans through the VA disability claim process to get the benefits they deserve.


Jane didn’t think she would qualify for VA disability benefits because she had never been deployed, but she contacted UVBA for a free assessment. The United Veteran Benefits Specialist carefully reviewed her military and medical history and determined she had a strong case for VA disability given her service-related PTSD. The Specialist explained that Jane could potentially get monthly tax-free compensation along with other benefits.

Jane gets help for PTSD and MST

Filing a VA Disability Claim


With UVBA's personalized guidance and support, Jane filed a disability claim in March 2023 citing her PTSD diagnosis and symptoms as well as their impact on her work/life functioning. UVBA helped Jane properly document her claim and coached her on how to accurately communicate her condition.


After several months of VA review, Jane was approved in July 2023 for a 50% PTSD disability rating along with access to VA health care. Based on the rating, she now qualifies for about $1,075 per month in tax-free compensation. Jane also gained access to additional resources like VA vocational rehabilitation to help get back into the workforce.


Increased Access to Care and Support


In addition to the compensation, Jane's VA disability rating gave her access to specialized PTSD treatment programs through the VA health system. She is now receiving evidence-based treatments like prolonged exposure therapy and medications to better manage her condition.


With the extra monthly income and health care support, Jane is slowly getting her life back on track, including moving into her own apartment and reconnecting with family. She gives much credit to UVBA for guiding her through the complex VA claims process to finally get the benefits and care she deserved after years of struggling alone with PTSD.


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This information is made available for educational purposes only. This information is not a substitute for legal or medical advice. United Veteran Benefits Agency makes no guarantee of the outcome on VA rating decisions.

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