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I can tell you I was at 20% and got an increase to 80% and still working towards other VA related benefits and ratings.

These folks take you under their wing. They help identify your issues and help you with every step detail and accuracy based on their conversations and documentation and appointments you attend with the VA claims process.

Not everyone's issues are the same but it doesn't hurt to let them help try and help you. I highly recommend them to anyone. It can be a waiting game but could be worth your time.
United Veteran is an outstanding group of folks who care retired military, spouses of active military and disabled vets probably even those who may not be who care to try an just like you to help you with the process. Give them a call it costs you nothing upfront but your time of benefits that you might be eligible to receive the rest of your life.

Appreciative Army Veteran


Father and Daughter

Stephen D. went from 90-100%. He has tried for many years to get here. He is very excited that he will have help with student loans and property taxes. He wants to make sure all team members know how thankful he is for our assistance.

December, 2022

Jennifer R, went from 20%-60% with deferred conditions. She started crying on the phone! I am so happy for her!! She has been denied many times and she is just ecstatic!

November, 2022

Wayne P. wanted to thank us for helping him get his rating. He wasn't aware VA Disability was a "thing" until a few months ago and even though he only got 10%, he's now able to get the hearing aids he needs.

November, 2022

Senior Businessman

When I first contacted United Veterans I was suicidal, spiraling downwards, jagged and downright rude ... at times. All of you have changed my life and continue to do so. Please keep up the tremendous work and everything you do from start to finish. Maybe you can’t save the world but you have saved mine on numerous occasions. 

United Veterans helped me receive a proper disability rating. United Veterans made the entire process easy. They literally did all the heavy lifting. I wish I had United Veterans assistance 3 years ago. I recommend them to any veteran.

(This) team was amazing! ...Available at anytime and maintained constant communication throughout the process. All communication

was acknowledged and recommendations were spot on. The team at the office... were equally as helpful.

A truly great service for veterans!

I got my back pay today witch happens to be my birthday lol will u call me when you get a min I’m wanting to get squared away with y’all for helping me

thank you

As most veterans, I was upset at the process and the length of time and frustration it was taking to use the VA system to address my disability ratings. Once I start [sic] with united-veterans, I was amazed at the speed of the appointments and the understanding of the those who spent time to go over my health care records and understand my challenges. Thanks you so much for the assistance.

I really appreciate the due diligence in the expedience of trying to get this claim settled! Thank you ... so much for everything ... you do, and all the hard work. (0 - 100% RATING)

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