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Navy Veteran Roger: 10% Rating

Navy veteran Roger increases his 10% VA rating


Roger, a Navy Veteran, was discharged six years ago with a 10% VA disability rating for tinnitus. Over time, he developed severe knee and back pain, recurring migraine headaches, and sleep apnea. Despite his worsening conditions, Roger felt some discouragement from his Veteran Service Officer (VSO) in seeking a new claim and re-evaluation. Feeling unsure and undervalued, he stumbled upon an online advertisement for United Veteran Benefits Agency (UVBA) and decided to schedule a consultation for a second opinion.

Challenges Faced:

Roger faced several obstacles in seeking a rating increase. The discouragement he felt and his confusion with the Veterans Administration's complexities left him feeling helpless and uncertain about navigating the claim process effectively. He lacked confidence in communicating the severity of his service-connected disabilities.

Engagement with UVBA:

Upon consultation with UVBA's benefits specialists, Roger found renewed hope. The team listened attentively to his concerns, assessed his case comprehensively, and provided personalized guidance tailored to his specific disabilities and experiences. They educated him about the intricacies of the VA claim process, addressing his uncertainties and empowering him with knowledge.

Outcome and Success:

Empowered and well-informed, Roger proceeded with UVBA's guidance. In a few months, he received life-changing news—a remarkable increase in his disability rating from 10% to 70% from the VA. With this significant rating increase, Roger finally received the rightful benefits and compensation he deserved for his service-connected disabilities.

Impact of UVBA's Support:

UVBA's expertise and personalized approach transformed Roger's experience with the VA. They equipped him with the tools to effectively communicate his health challenges, navigate bureaucratic hurdles, and achieve a successful outcome. Their guidance alleviated his confusion and empowered him to secure the benefits he rightfully earned through his service.

United Veteran Benefits Agency's commitment to empowering veterans like Roger exemplifies their dedication to supporting those who've served. By providing tailored guidance, education, and unwavering support, UVBA helped Roger navigate the complexities of the VA claim process, ensuring he received fair compensation and recognition for his sacrifices.

Roger's success story stands as a testament to UVBA's mission—to unite and empower veterans, ensuring they receive the benefits and support they deserve for their service-connected disabilities.


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