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United Veteran Benefits Agency began in 2019 when Retired Command Sergeant Major (Army) Merle Jones found the VA Disability Rating process to be unnecessarily frustrating. One step forward and two steps back, something many Veterans have experienced. Understanding how the Veterans Administration determines ratings makes little sense to people outside of the VA. After discussion with other military colleagues, Merle and his wife Connie quickly realized that what they were experiencing was an unnecessary pain. Today, United Veteran Benefits Agency has established a team of members with varied backgrounds including previous work with the Veterans Administration and previous military service. The team consists of people dedicated to improving the lives of Veterans. All Veterans, Nationwide.

Meet Our Team

We are Veterans. We are Military Families. We are Fighters.
Meet our Team of Veteran Benefits Claim Experts. 

You don't have to fight for your earned benefits alone. With the right Team and guidance, the battle is yours to win.
Start Today.

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