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Dispelling Common Veteran Misconceptions: A Case Study

Meet Jenny An Army Veteran with a Common Misconception About Her VA Benefits

veteran common misconceptions

Jenny, a former Army service member, found herself with a common veteran misconception that because she was never deployed overseas during her 4-year service, she did not qualify for VA disability benefits. Despite using the VA for her healthcare needs, she was unaware of the support available to her. It wasn't until a conversation with her Uncle Ben, who had successfully increased his VA rating with the help of United Veteran Benefits Agency (UVBA), that Jenny realized she might be missing out on benefits she rightfully deserved.


Motivated by her uncle's positive experience, Jenny decided to reach out to UVBA for more information. She was impressed with the quality of care she received, and could even feel the genuine support right through the phone. The level of knowledge and expertise by the UVBA team was beyond anything she could expect. Through their guidance and education, Jenny became empowered to better understand the the VA system, the disability claim process, and the wide range of benefits available to her as a veteran.

Jenny Veteran Case Study Dispelling Misconceptions

After 7 months of working closely with the UVBA team, Jenny's efforts paid off. She was granted a 30% rating for her service-connected injuries, a significant step towards accessing the benefits and compensation she deserved. However, the true victory for Jenny was not just in the increased rating but in the empowerment she gained through the education and support provided by UVBA. Now equipped with the tools and understanding to navigate the VA system, Jenny can confidently advocate for herself and make informed decisions about her benefits as a veteran.


Jenny's journey serves as a testament to the importance of seeking guidance and education when it comes to VA disability benefits. With the right support and knowledge, veterans like Jenny can unlock the full potential of the benefits available to them and ensure they receive the recognition and care they earned through their service to the country.


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This information is made available for educational purposes only. This information is not a substitute for legal or medical advice. United Veteran Benefits Agency makes no guarantee of the outcome on VA rating decisions.

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