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All Veterans have their own unique story and unique situation. Below are some of those experiences with the Veterans Administration and working with United Veteran Benefits Agency. 

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Case Study

Navy Veteran with 10% VA Rating

Meet Roger and hear his experience after leaving the Navy and trying to get the VA benefits he earned.


Case Study

Veteran Tom didn't understand his 0%

Tom really had no idea what a 0% VA disability rating meant and why it was important.


Case Study

Air Force Veteran with Misconceptions

Meet Shanice and hear her experience about not understanding who is qualified to file a VA claim.


Case Study

Empowered through Education

Anna didn't understand a lot about the VA and her benefits until she was given an expert education.


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United Veteran Benefits Agency is an organization serving the Veteran population.  United Veteran Benefits Agency is not an accredited agency, VSO, attorney, medical facility or organization identified by the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) and is not affiliated with the VA in any way.  United Veteran Benefits Agency will not at any point provide medical or legal advice. Utilization of the consulting services provided by United Veteran Benefits Agency is not required to submit a claim for VA disability compensation.  Information pertaining to claim status, number of veterans served, rating increases and any other percentages noted are averages based on all claims submitted, and not specific to any one claim. Individual results vary based on a number of factors.  As a result, United Veteran Benefits Agency cannot guarantee your rating outcome. The United Veteran Benefits Agency name and logo are registered trademarks of United Veteran Benefits Agency.

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