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Veteran Benefits By State: Iowa

Iowa offers a variety of state and federal benefits for veterans with VA disability ratings. Here’s an organized breakdown of the diverse benefits accessible to veterans in the state.

Iowa veteran benefits

Healthcare Benefits

The VA Central Iowa Health Care System and Iowa City VA Health Care System provide healthcare for enrolled veterans. Benefits include inpatient and outpatient medical services, mental health care, prescriptions, and more.


The Iowa Veterans Trust Fund provides grants for emergency medical care up to $7,500 lifetime maximum. Grants are also available for durable medical equipment up to $10,000 lifetime maximum.


Housing Benefits

Several programs help veterans buy, build, remodel, or adapt homes. The Military Homeownership Assistance Program offers a $5,000 grant for down payments and closing costs. Property tax exemptions reduce assessed home value for tax purposes.


Veterans can also receive housing repair assistance and transitional housing through the Iowa Veterans Trust Fund.


Education Benefits

Veterans and dependents may be eligible for federal GI Bill education benefits, including the Post-9/11 and Montgomery GI Bills. Children of veterans killed in action can receive tuition assistance through the state's War Orphans Educational Aid.


In-state tuition policies apply to veterans, service members, and dependents using federal education benefits at Iowa colleges and universities.


Employment Benefits

Veterans get hiring preference for Iowa state government jobs. Five percentage points are added to passing exam scores. Extra points also apply to disabled veterans and Purple Heart recipients.


The Iowa Workforce Development office helps veterans with employment services, vocational rehabilitation, and job training programs.


Tax Benefits

Military retirement pay, VA disability compensation, and survivor benefit annuities are exempt from Iowa state income tax. Certain homestead credits and exemptions also reduce property taxes for disabled veterans.


Recreation Benefits

Veterans with any VA disability rating can purchase lifetime hunting and fishing licenses for just $7. This discounted rate also applies to Purple Heart recipients.


So in summary, veterans in Iowa can utilize healthcare, housing, education, employment, tax, and recreation benefits at both the state and federal level based on their VA disability rating and service history. Contact the Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs to learn more.


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This information is made available for educational purposes only. This information is not a substitute for legal or medical advice. United Veteran Benefits Agency makes no guarantee of the outcome on VA rating decisions.

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