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Veteran Benefits By State: Michigan

Michigan is dedicated to supporting its veterans through a range of beneficial programs. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the diverse benefits available to veterans in the state.

Michigan State Veteran Benefits

Michigan Veterans Homes

Spread across Chesterfield Township, Grand Rapids, and Marquette, these homes cater to veterans eligible for VA health care or long-term care assistance. Admission criteria include an honorable discharge and specific service duration for post-1980 enlistments or post-1981 active duty service.

Michigan Veteran Financial Benefits

Income Tax Exemptions

Active-duty pay, retired pay, and Survivor Benefit Plan payments are all tax-free.

Property Tax Waiver

Eligible disabled veterans and un-remarried surviving spouses can be exempt from home taxes with specific discharge statuses and Michigan residency.

Vehicle Registration

100% permanently and totally disabled veterans might register one vehicle for free with a disabled veteran plate.

Emergency Assistance

The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency provides financial aid for temporary issues like utility bills, repairs, and medical expenses through various resources, including county relief funds and veteran trust programs.

Michigan State Employment Veterans Preference

Veterans and certain spouses receive preference for state employment.

Michigan Children of Veterans Tuition Grant

Offers undergraduate tuition aid for children of disabled or deceased veterans who apply before age 26.

Michigan Veteran Recreation Benefits

Active Duty Hunting and Fishing

Resident active-duty personnel receive free hunting and fishing licenses, while non-residents stationed in Michigan get licenses at resident rates.

Disabled Veteran Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Permanently and totally disabled veterans qualify for free resident hunting or fishing licenses that don’t require lottery participation.

State Parks

100% disabled veterans gain free entry to Michigan state parks.

Veterans' Burial Expenses

Eligible veterans and some spouses/surviving spouses can receive $300 for burial expenses if they meet residency and asset criteria.

For detailed information and application processes for these programs, visit the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency website. Stay informed about evolving veteran benefits by accessing the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency website for the latest updates on these vital programs.

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