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Dana Joerger

Case Manager

Residing in the vibrant city of Evansville, Indiana, our esteemed Case Manager, Dana Joerger, has an exceptional background rooted in honorable service and unwavering dedication. With a distinguished military history that spans across Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Germany, Dana has served valiantly in various capacities including 42A, 89B, and 11B roles.


Hailing from a family with deep roots in the picturesque landscapes of Minnesota, Dana finds solace and joy in simple yet profound pleasures. Whether it be exploring scenic parks with loved ones, cheering fervently at college football games, or embarking on enriching travels within the United States, his zest for life knows no bounds.


A proud member of the esteemed Wounded Warriors Organization, Dana embodies a profound sense of purpose and compassion towards fellow Veterans. Motivated by a personal journey of overcoming obstacles to secure a Service-Connected disability, he is deeply committed to assisting others in navigating the intricate realm of the VA system.


Passionate about empowering Veterans to reclaim their lives and forge a brighter future for themselves and their families, Dana Joerger believes in the transformative power of support and guidance. Encouraging fellow Veterans to leverage their unique strengths and resources, he champions resilience, care, and boldness within the close-knit Veteran community.


As a beacon of hope and assistance, Dana Joerger stands ready to offer unwavering support and guidance to those embarking on the path to recovery and renewal. With a profound understanding of the challenges and triumphs that define the Veteran experience, Dana serves as a steadfast ally in the journey towards healing and growth.

Dana Joerger
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