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Veteran Benefits By State: Minnesota

Minnesota takes pride in supporting its veterans who have bravely served our country. From healthcare and education to employment assistance and property tax benefits, the state offers a range of resources to honor and assist those who have served.

Minnesota veteran benefits

Healthcare Services

Minnesota offers veterans access to state-run Veterans Homes that provide skilled nursing care, rehabilitative services, and long-term care options. These facilities prioritize the well-being and comfort of veterans, offering specialized care tailored to their unique needs. Additionally, veterans can access healthcare services through the Minneapolis VA Health Care System and community-based clinics throughout the state.


Education and Training

Veterans in Minnesota can take advantage of educational benefits, including the Minnesota GI Bill, which provides financial assistance for higher education and training programs. The state also offers tuition reimbursement for eligible veterans and their dependents pursuing post-secondary education at approved institutions. These resources help veterans transition to civilian life and achieve their academic goals.


Employment Support

Minnesota recognizes the skills and experience veterans bring to the workforce and offers employment assistance programs to help them secure meaningful employment opportunities. Veterans can access job training, career counseling, and job placement services through the state's Workforce Centers and Veteran Employment Services. Employers in Minnesota are encouraged to hire veterans and participate in veteran-friendly initiatives.


Property Tax Exemptions

Veterans in Minnesota may be eligible for property tax exemptions on their primary residence. The Disabled Veterans Homestead Market Value Exclusion and the Surviving Spouse of a Veteran Property Tax Exclusion provide financial relief to qualifying veterans and their families. These exemptions help reduce the financial burden on veterans and ensure they can remain in their homes comfortably.

License Plates and Identification Cards

Minnesota offers special license plates and identification cards for veterans to recognize their service and sacrifice. Veterans can choose from a variety of military service-related license plates, including designs representing specific branches of the military or campaigns. These distinctive plates and IDs serve as a visible tribute to veterans' dedication to our country.

As we express our gratitude to veterans in Minnesota and beyond, it is essential to recognize and utilize the state benefits available to support their well-being and success. From healthcare and education to employment and property tax relief, Minnesota's commitment to honoring and assisting veterans reflects the state's deep appreciation for their service. By accessing these resources and services, veterans can thrive in civilian life and continue to make valuable contributions to our communities.

We encourage veterans in Minnesota to explore the diverse state benefits and programs tailored to meet their needs and enhance their quality of life. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.


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