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UVBA Supports Those Who Support Veterans: Meet Boulder Crest

Pictured: CSM(R) Merle Jones, UVBA President, presents first quarter donation to SSG(R) Dusty Baxley of Boulder Crest Foundation.

If you are not already familiar with the incredible work of Boulder Crest Foundation, now is a perfect time for introduction. The recipient of a first quarter donation from United Veteran Benefits Agency, the work that the men and women of Boulder Crest do is impactful and meaningful to Veterans and First Responders alike.

Boulder Crest was founded by Ken and Julia Falke in 2010. Ken spent 21 years in the US Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) community, retiring as a Master Chief Petty Officer. He experienced his own journey of Posttraumatic Growth after being severely injured in a parachuting accident midway through his military career. Working through a period of recovery, he then went on to make over 1000 additional jumps and led others on thousands of high risk missions.

During the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, hundreds of warriors were injured and killed on the battlefields. Ken and Julia visited many of the wounded and their families. After realizing the care these brave men and women and their families received was subpar, the Falkes began hosting veterans and their families for meals and short healing stays in their home. Soon, realizing there was so much more work to be done, they chose to donate 37 acres of their property in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia as well as making a substantial financial investment to establish Boulder Crest Foundation.

Since that time, Boulder Crest has forged ahead developing a new approach to train combat veterans, first responders, and their families to transform their struggles into strength. Their signature PATHH programs (Progressive and Alternative Training for Helping Heroes) are based on the science of Posttraumatic Growth (PTG). a process designed to transform times of deep struggle into profound strength and lifelong growth.

A key designer and founding member of Boulder Crest Foundation's Warrior PATHH , US Army SSG (Ret.) Gene "Dusty" Baxley, spent 20 years in military on multiple tours of duty. After retirement, Dusty dedicated his life to bringing relief, healing and hope to military members suffering from Posttraumatic Stress. His personal experience led him to Transcendental Meditation (TM), a technique that he found beneficial for sleep and healing. He became certified as a TM teacher and has developed and managed numerous projects teaching these techniques to thousands of veterans. This technique has transformed the lives of many veterans suffering from PTSD, suicide, and depression. Dusty has dedicated his life to the military both on and off the battlefield and was recently inducted Military Police Corps Hall of Fame. He retired from Boulder Crest as Executive Director in 2021.

Both Merle and Connie Jones have volunteered time and money with Boulder Crest Foundation through the years. They have been met favorably when calling upon the organization to assist with veterans in crisis, providing emergency services for the veterans and their families. For these reasons and so many more, United Veteran Benefits Agency on behalf of Merle and Connie Jones, are proud to present a first quarter donation of $2,500 to this extraordinary group.

To learn more about the non-profit Boulder Crest Foundation, their locations and programs, visit their website at

If you are a veteran in crisis needing immediate help, please call 1-800-273-8255, press 1.


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