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How Long Do VA Claims Take To Complete

Waiting for your VA claim to process can at times seem like a lifetime. On average, you can expect your VA claim to take between 110 and 150 days. The VA provides the current average on their website, which they update periodically.

How Long Do VA Claims Take

The truth is that several things can affect the length of time it takes for your claim to process.

Type of claim filed

There are several types of claims, and the type of claim you file can affect how long it takes to process. A “fully developed claim” may process quicker than a claim that requires additional information; and an HLR will take longer than a new claim.

Conditions claimed

The number of conditions, as well as conditions themselves, can affect how long your claim takes to file. If you file a claim with only one condition it could process quicker than a claim with multiple conditions, especially if some of the conditions are complex medical issues.

Evidence needed

Not including all of the evidence needed can definitely slow your claim down. The VA requesting medical records from private doctors can slow the process down quite a bit, depending on how long it takes the medical facility to locate and ship the documents.

Location of VA field office

The location of the field office can affect how long it takes the VA to process your claim, as some locations have heavier case loads than others. Some locations serve more veterans than others.

How long does it take the VA to make a decision after the C&P exam

Once your C&P exam is complete it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for the VA make a decision on your claim. This largely depends on the company that did your C&P exam, and how quickly they forward that information to the VA.

Why is my VA claim taking so long

Your claim may be taking longer than expected due to any of the issues mentioned above. It may also be taking longer because there is currently a backlog of claims due to the PACT Act.

If you feel it has been too long since you have heard from the VA you can call 800-827-1000 and inquire as to the status.

How do I know if my claim was approved

You can check your claim status online. In addition, you can download the decision letter which will explain any claim denials.

If the VA claims process seems overwhelming to you, reach out to us at United Veteran Benefit Agency and let us help you!

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