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Zach Strong

Veteran Benefits Specialist

Zachary Strong is a dedicated Veteran Benefits Specialist residing in Angier, NC, located just 30 minutes from Raleigh. With a distinguished military career, Zachary retired from the U.S. Navy after 22 years of honorable service. Following his military tenure, he worked for the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) for 12 and a half years before retiring. Family plays a significant role in Zachary's life, as he has been happily married to his wife Angela for 16 years. While Angela hails from Richmond, Virginia, Zachary's roots trace back to Greenwood, SC. In his leisure time, Zachary enjoys BBQing and cherishing moments with his family. A compassionate advocate for Veterans, Zachary believes in providing the best possible representation for fellow service members when navigating the complexities of filing claims for disability compensation or pension. Drawing from his own 22-year military experience, he understands the importance of expert guidance in dealing with the VA system. Adding a touch of warmth to his bio, Zachary shares his bond with his loyal companion, Baxter, a Shih Tzu who holds a special place as his best buddy.

Zach Strong
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