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Sandra Olson


Sandra Olson is a diligent Accountant at United Veteran Benefits Agency, currently residing in Taylor, MI. As a former military spouse, Sandra has a personal connection to the military community and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by veterans and their families.


Sandra is a devoted mother to a young daughter, and their bond is central to her life. In her free time, Sandra finds joy in reading, painting, and creating lasting memories with her daughter, cherishing the moments they share together.


With a Bachelor's of Business Administration degree focusing on Accounting, Sandra brings a strong educational background to her role. She is also the proud owner of a German Shepherd named Flynn, who adds companionship and love to their family.


Having witnessed the struggles of family members as they navigated the aftermath of their service, Sandra is driven by a deep sense of compassion and empathy for veterans. Her firsthand experiences have fueled her passion for helping veterans access the support and benefits they deserve. Sandra's commitment to serving veterans is rooted in her desire to make a positive impact and provide assistance to those who have sacrificed for our country.

Sandra Olson
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