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Katie McCurdy

Case Manager

Katie McCurdy, known affectionately as "The Best-Case Manager Ever!" at United Veteran Benefits Agency, resides in the Crocker Area. As a dedicated mother of four and military spouse on the verge of transitioning out, Katie brings a unique perspective and deep commitment to supporting veterans and their families.


Katie's extensive volunteer experience spans over 18 years, where she has dedicated her time to assisting soldiers and their families in various capacities. As a Family Readiness Group Leader for multiple units and battalions, Katie has played a vital role in providing support and guidance to military families.


A proud member of the "Okayest Mom" organization, Katie humorously embraces the challenges and joys of parenthood with a lighthearted approach. Her dedication to helping veterans stems from a desire to spread knowledge and provide the assistance and guidance they deserve. Katie is committed to making a positive impact and changing the lives of veterans every day through her work at United Veteran Benefits Agency.


In addition to her human family, Katie's furry companion, Popi the Snorkie, holds a special place in their hearts, adding joy and companionship to their home.

Katie McCurdy
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