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Brittany Welts

Case Manager

Brittany Welts is a dedicated Case Manager at United Veteran Benefits Agency, currently residing in Manchester, NH. With a military background in the Army, Brittany brings a deep understanding and appreciation for the service and sacrifices made by veterans to her role.


As the oldest of four siblings, Brittany shares her home with her boyfriend and his Service Dog, adding a special dynamic to their household. In her leisure time, Brittany indulges in her love for crafts, volleyball, and actively engages with Veteran non-profit groups, showcasing her commitment to supporting and advocating for veterans.


An active member of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association® and the American Legion, Brittany is deeply involved in organizations that prioritize the well-being and support of veterans. In her role as the NH State Public Relations Officer for the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association®, Brittany travels across the country spreading the organization's message of Veterans helping Veterans and advocating for the importance of acknowledging and addressing mental health.


Brittany's passion for helping veterans is rooted in her belief that those who have served our country with courage and selflessness deserve to be cared for and supported in return. She recognizes the sacrifices made by veterans in safeguarding the freedoms of their fellow Americans and is dedicated to ensuring that they receive the care and assistance they need and deserve. Brittany's advocacy for mental health awareness and her commitment to supporting veterans exemplify her dedication to making a positive impact and honoring those who have served our nation.

Brittany Welts
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