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The Benefits Conundrum

A common misconception is that a Veteran had to be involved with combat operations to be eligible for VA Disability Benefits. In fact, the benefits are not limited to combat vets or those with loss of limb. Any veteran that honorably served on Active Duty military service may be eligible to get VA disability benefits or compensation. National Guard or Reservists are included if mobilized or activated during their service time as well.

A current illness or condition that affects your body or mind and can be linked to the military may fit the criteria to receive a VA Disability Rating. Many common conditions such as knee or back pain, GERD, PTSD and others are often service connected. Some conditions that may have been caused by service may not develop until years later (i.e. Agent Orange, environmental toxins, etc.). These may also be service connected even without active duty medical records.

For many veterans, a negative experience in the application process or a denied claim is enough reason to give up on completing their VA claim for a proper rating. The process for benefits is long, tedious, and discouraging. Many veterans simply give up once they see the application paperwork. Free help is available (local VSO), but in true government fashion, it can involve significant delays and a lack of invested customer service due to staffing and budget limitations.

Deadlines and proper forms are critical in the process to avoid a claim denial. Once denied, it can be especially difficult to navigate your next steps. The VA will usually include an appeal form with the denial, but choosing the correct options can prove challenging. Time is of the essence during the claim and appeal process, as well. Keeping up with critical deadlines will ensure the claim stays on track, while allowing deadlines to pass will likely result in denial of benefits.

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