Dedication To Serving Veterans: Brice Chapman Moves The Needle

The newest Veteran Benefits Specialist at United Veteran Benefits Agency is no stranger to helping Veterans achieve a higher VA rating. Brice Chapman has been with UVBA as a Case Manager since January 4, 2021. Moving into the Specialists position is a natural progression for a Team member as dedicated as Brice.

"I love to help Veterans get the benefits they have earned through their years of service." -Brice Chapman

Veterans work with their Case Manager to establish their claim and start the process with United Veteran Benefits Agency. The Case Manager becomes the main point of contact through the process and is available to help answer questions for the Veteran, as well as collect important documents to help support their claim.

Once the Veteran begins to move through the UVBA system, their next point of contact is with the Veteran Benefits Specialist. This person does one-on-one consulting with the claimant to facilitate in clear communication to the Veterans Administration. This vital role can put Veterans on the increase path when other avenues have failed.

Brice Chapman said he enjoys working at UVBA because he is proud to assist his fellow Veterans in getting the benefits they have earned for their years of service. Likewise, UVBA is proud to employ a Veteran like Brice Chapman.

Brice medically retired from the United States Army, completing 16 years of service. He spent his career in the Army primarily in the health services and nutrition division.

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