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AUSA Fort Leonard Wood Mid-Missouri Chapter Honors


Military leaders, their families, and local community gathered at Pershing Community Center on April 26, 2022 for the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Mid-Missouri Chapter Banquet. Scholarship Chair and Chapter Treasurer, Mrs. Trudy Dils, presented $500 scholarships to five college recipients: Evan Boston, Sidney Breckenridge, Sarah Hilburgh, Abigail Hillman, and Elisabeth Williams. This is the largest number of recipients the Chapter has ever presented.

Pictured left: CSM(R) Rick Morris, CSM(R) Merle Jones, and Mr. Keith Pritchard.

Other honors included recipients of the Colonel Edward A. Owsley Superior Service Award. This award, the highest that Ft. Leonard Wood Mid-MO Chapter presents, is intended to recognize excellence in support of the goals and objectives of AUSA, just as Colonel Owsley did throughout his military career, through retirement in the 1960's, and until his passing in 2006. Presented by AUSA Fifth Region President CSM(R) Rick Morris, the honorees included: 1SG(R) Jerry Bumpus, Mr. Mike Dunbar, Mr. Mike Freeman, CSM(R) Merle Jones, Dr. George Lauritson, and LTC(R) Al Parsons.

Pictured right: CSM(R) Merle Jones, 1SG(R) Jerry Bumpus, and CSM(R) Rick Morris.

President and CEO of AUSA, General Robert B. Brown, U.S. Army Retired, spoke to the audience about the great accomplishments of the Chapter including a Best Chapter Award for 2021. He spoke of the dedication of the the supporters of AUSA and how they actively make a difference in supporting our U.S. Army Soldiers.

Pictured left: Mr. Keith Pritchard, Mr. Mike Dunbar, and CSM(R) Rick Morris.

The evening concluded with a change of Chapter Presidency from CSM(R) Merle Jones to Mr. Brennan Willard. Mr. Willard will help guide the mission of AUSA through the Mid-MO Chapter over the next year.

Pictured right: Mr. Keith Pritchard, Mr. Mike Freeman, and CSM(R) Rick Morris.

Pictured below: Mr. Keith Pritchard, LTC(R) Al Parsons, and CSM(R) Rick Morris.

AUSA supports soldiers, their families, and Army civilians, provides a voice for the Army, and honors those who have served.

If you would like additional information, visit or learn more about the Fort Leonard Wood Mid-Missouri chapter


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